Artemisia Vulgaris Enterprises is family company built to sustain creative and consulting projects. Like many families, our work life was overturned at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We realized early in 2020 that we had the tools to help ourselves and, hopefully, help our community as well. 

Our family...

Three generations living under one roof, along with a dog and a cat, an assortment of musical instruments, many books, and lots of love. Our kitchen is always busy. At any given moment we may be brewing up a batch of beer or mead or homemade soda, working on an electronics project at the kitchen table, making candles or soap, or just having a meal with family and friends.

Noé (aka Dad) got his start in creative business endeavors at the age of 12. As part of a school project, he made figurines out of Fimo clay and sold them to gift shops near his home. He started Crimson Records at age 16 in his freshman year at Washington State University. Later, after a decade working as cellar master at some of Walla Walla's finest wineries, he made wine under his own brands: Xenolith and Rebel Winemaker.

Laura (aka Momdo) was the lead vocalist in a band called Saturn Missile before she became a child and family therapist. She and Noé write and perform music together as Fever Fuse. She is also master candle maker and craft wizard. She plans the most amazing themed parties, creating hand made decorations and games seemingly out of thin air.

In 2022, they opened Lupin Records, a small recording studio and music promotion company in Walla Walla. 

Elior (aka Sabba) is the former executive director of Geeks Without Bounds, a non profit organization that built and supported humanitarian open source technology in low resource situations. Now he writes fiction inspired by Ursula K Le Guin's exhortation to writers to create the worlds that they want to see rather than warnings about how bad the world can be. 

The kids? Well, they're young yet, and we'd like them to focus on their studies for now, but if they do get the bug to join the business, we'll let you know!


Our Name...

The Artemisia genus of plants is wonderfully useful as medicine for the land and for people. They often settle in difficult, inhospitable terrain where they help improve the soil and provide support to other living things as they move in to the area. Artemisia vulgaris is also known as mugwort and it has been used in traditional medicine in Asia, North Africa, North America, and Europe. Mugwort was also used in beer brewing before using hops became popular.